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Winery and harvest

Volterra’s winery is a thick-walled stone building that provides natural insulation from the heat of the Mediterranean sun. It dates from the early 1900’s and it is set in the midst of the vineyards within easy walking distance of the Château. In 2000, the winery was fully renovated and re-equipped with an eye to producing the very best wine possible. New handcrafted fine grain French oak vats replaced the old concrete vats. Each one is supplied with a temperature control coil to maintain the wine at the exact temperature required for the various cycles of the fermentation process. A modern pneumatic press has replaced the antique open basket hand-operated screw press. A new laboratory allows close monitoring of the wine throughout the vinification process. A separate temperature-controlled room for the barrel-cellar was also created that is almost completely underground.

 The grapes are hand-picked at night, headlamps and grape shears obliged, to keep the grapes as cool as possible to slow the oxidation process that has a negative impact on juice quality. In our pursuit of quality, the grapes are sorted while picked and further selected on the sorting table before going in the crusher-destemmer that feeds manually to the vats or the press located below. Whenever possible, a wine is transferred by gravity.